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Production meeting onboard LV21....

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Well, here we go again at last. With the world cautiously unclenching, on Sunday we visited Kent's only (as far as we know) floating arts centre and performance venue, LV21, currently moored on the River Thames at Gravesend. LV21 is a historic 40-metre decommissioned light vessel, now completely refurbished and run as a thriving arts centre under the loving care of crew members Päivi Sepällä and Gary Weston.

LV21 will be the venue for the opening night of the October run of The Plant, hosting the show on 28th October from 7pm. Here's a sneak preview of the venue from Sunday's visit. We hope this gives you a flavour of how this particular performance will feel.

It's an integral aspect of the project that each theatrical space contributes directly to each individual performance; the space is another member of the cast. The three dates of our October run will each feel very different. We are very excited to be bringing The Plant to this unique, fascinating and atmospheric venue.

Thank you so much to Päivi and Gary for their ongoing support and encouragement.

The performance space aboard LV21

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