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Audience and participant feedback on our preview performance, April 2019

 ‘I thought the story was so important to our current socio-economic climate, and I loved even more so the audience's response to Josef.'

'I work for a company where Brexit could affect everything that I'm working on. The story and the characters made total sense to me, and totally reflected the real-life situation I'm in now.'

'It was nice to see something that reflected on the impact of Brexit on ordinary people, from their perspective.'

'The way that the issues around racism were handled was fascinating and really moving.'

'What really made me think was the way to the songs and music intertwined with the narrative and connected the story to the broader context of the past and the folk tradition.'

'The characters seem at the mercy of events outside their control.'

Q. What words and phrases (if any) have most stuck in your mind?

A. 'We are not helpless'. 

'Working from improvised ideas based on research helped ground the material in reality and made it better to explore how these characters would act in reality and how I would react to the material.'

Q. What aspect(s) of the play most made your think?

A. All of it - so many - the plight of the Polish worker, class differences, the management oblivious to the workers' situation and the passion for the workers from the foreman. 

'I thought it had been written by remainers. My wife thought: pro-leave!'

'"This is normal". This line spoke deeply to me because we are all telling each other (both remain and leave) what normal should be.'

'Building a script as a collective meant we pooled from a greater source of experience. We could share our own histories and current lives which bore meaning to the world of the play.'

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