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jeremy scott


Jeremy Scott is a writer and academic at the University of Kent (and sometimes at home). His interests are broad, but if he had to boil them down he’d be left with: fictional technique, literary representations of dialect (which is to do with fictional technique anyway), the relationship between narratives and identity, Nordic literature and culture and stylistics-based approaches to creative writing (fictional technique again) and creativity in general. He also likes world-building. And brackets. He plays guitar, fiddle, bouzouki, and piano, and has collected and arranged much of the traditional music featuring in the project. As well as his own fiction, he has published on contemporary British and Irish fiction, on literary stylistics, travel literature, innovative perspectives on creative practice and playwriting. For more info, see his personal website


Follow him on Twitter: @Jeremy_D_Scott

He lives in Whitstable, Kent, England. Don't follow him there. 

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