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More from our first venue, LV21

Some more images here from the venue for our opening night on October 28th: the magical LV21, floating on the River Thames at Gravesend.

This ship has a fascinating history. She was built in 1963 by the renowned shipwrights Philip and Son at Dartmouth, Devon as a commission from Trinity House to serve as a light vessel (basically, a floating light house) on The English Channel off the Kentish coast. She spent most of her active service warning shipping away from the dangerous shoal waters at the Varne Bank and the East Goodwin Sands off the coast at Deal. In 1981 she was involved in a collision with a tanker, the 'Ore Meteor', but luckily survived... She was decommissioned in 2008 when Trinity House switched to using solar-powered marker buoys. We're delighted to have the opportunity to stage 'The Plant' on board.

What. A. Space.

More information here:

LV21 moored at Gravesend

The performance space

Another view of the stage

The galley (and bar)

On active service (complete with helicopter)

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